Welcome to Furtopia, Island Adventures Book 1: An Unofficial Novel for Animal Crossing Fans

Winter MorganSKU: 9781510765276

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Age range 7 to 12

Alana finds her everyday life boring and is longing for an adventure. She decides to sign up for a Deserted Island Getaway Package, which allows her to develop an island and make new friends. Within days she bonds with her new neighbours, Carl, a lazy chicken and Happy, an energetic hamster. When Alana learns that the legendary singer J. J. Swooner will perform a concert on Furtopia if she can get him to come to the island, she tries to convince her two neighbours to help her get the island in shape, but Carl's house is very messy and he is too lazy to care. Happy is energetic, but she is easily distracted.

Alana finds herself trying to do all the work herself and spends her days establishing the island, but she needs help. She travels to a mystery island to see if she can find anyone else who can help her. There, she meets Lars, a cranky pig who comes back to Furtopia. Can Alana get her new friends to work together? Will their shared appreciation of J. J. Swooner be enough of a motivator? Or will Alana just pack up and give up on her dreams of living out an adventure?

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