Valkyrie: Jane Foster Vol. 2 - At The End Of All Things

Jason AaronSKU: 9781302920302

Sale price$37.99


Jane Foster has been many things in her life, including the heroic hammer wielder known as Thor! Recently, Jane became the Valkyrie, guardian and protector of the Norse dead, and she's still finding her way in this new stage of her life. But now, Jane must return to the role she knows best - that of a medical doctor - when a supernatural medical emergency rears its head! Jane teams with Doctor Strange, Sorcerer (and Surgeon) Supreme; the tough-as-nails Night Nurse; Excalibur-wielding Dr. Faiza Hussain and more Marvel medics to crack a case that will give readers heart palpitations! Heroes of medicine will unite - but are they all about to become doctors to the dead?! Collecting: Valkyrie: Jane Foster (2019) 6-10

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