The Eco Hero Handbook: Simple Solutions to Tackle Eco-Anxiety

Tessa WardleySKU: 9780711254633

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As we face a global environmental crisis, The Eco Hero Handbook addresses all your eco-anxieties and dilemmas to empower you to become part of the solution. Looking behind the slogans and exploring the myths, this handy guide offers a clear and balanced exploration of the major eco-debates, enabling you to make decisions based on facts. Featuring practical steps for positive action in all areas of your life, find solutions to all your environment-related challenges, including: * How can I keep my house clean but low impact? * How can I reduce my overall energy use in the home? * How can I protect my plants without using chemicals? * Which transport choices will help cut carbon emissions? * Is it okay to eat any meat? Organised by area of life (home, out and about, work, food and activism), each issue is paired with a practical solution and the evidence to back it up. From recycling to eating sustainably, ethical fashion to being an eco-conscious tourist, this book is the essential guide to the little changes that will make a big difference.

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