The Complete Guide to Tracking (Third Edition): Following tracks, trails and signs, concealment, night movement and all forms of pursuit

Bob CarssSKU: 9781472143648

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Discover how to track and stalk any living thing in any environment, including woodland, marsh, jungle and desert. This edition includes up-to-date information about new technologies such as drones.

The reader will learn how to:

- Interpret animal, human and vehicle signs.

- Preserve night vision.

- Use time frames to eliminate misleading signs.

- Detect quarry when they backtrack or circle around.

- Understand how time and weather affect signs.

- Spot intentionally misleading signs.

The skills of observation, memory and analysis that a tracker employs are essential not only for the military and law enforcement agencies but are also invaluable for search and rescue teams, scouts, youth leaders, outdoor pursuit teachers, bird-watchers, ramblers, farmers, livestock owners and game keepers.

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