The Air Fryer Chicken Wings Cookbook: Take Flight with Over 100 Recipes

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Featuring more than 100 recipes tailored to your air fryer, crispy, delicious chicken wings are finally available at home with The Air Frying Chicken Wings Cookbook.

Finally, you can take full advantage of your air fryer's ability to provide the crunch and crispiness of deep-frying without any of the grease with Air Fryer Chicken Wings. Featuring rubs and marinades that effortlessly allow you to capture every imaginable flavor-from the revered buffalo sauce to the sweet, tangy, and spicy qualities that America's beloved barbecue traditions are built upon-you can bring the best of the bar and tailgate home. Thanks to the more than 100 simple, foolproof recipes, there's no longer any need to head anywhere other than your kitchen when in need of comfort food.

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