Sword Master Vol. 1: War Of The Ancients

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You saw him tear through Fire Goblins in War of The Realms with his big magic sword! Now learn the mysterious origins of Lin Lie, A.K.A. Sword Master, Marvel's newest Chinese super hero, in the English-language debut of his original series! Haunted by dreams of demons, Lin Lie hunts for his missing archaeologist father - and awakens his black blade for the first time! Plus, in a brand-new story, Sword Master teams up with Shang-Chi! What happens when an undisciplined, untrained kid with a magic sword tangles with the one and only undisputed Master of Kung Fu? Spoiler alert: They will drive each other crazy, with huge ramifications for the Marvel Universe! On a search for Lin's father, Sword Master's rashness and Shang-Chi's suspicion of all things magic set the stage for doom!

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