Midnight On Strange Street

K. E. OrmsbeeSKU: 9781368047685

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AVERY MILLER is looking for a fresh start, away from all the bomb sirens and talk of war in Los Angeles. She expects to find a haven in Callaway, Texas, where the cool new substance glow was first discovered. What she doesn t count on is making friends with glowboard skaters Dani, Bastian, and Lola, AKA the Sardines

DANI HIRSCH, captain of the Sardines, knows for a fact they re the best glowboarding team in Texas if only they could prove it. Nothing will distract Dani from leading the team to victory at this summer s big race. Not even food explosions in the school cafeteria, or a mysterious midnight message, or the appearance of secretive government workers in Callaway

BASTIAN GIL is sick of the bullies who tease him for being a Sardine, for being different. Sure, he and his twin sister Lola can share thoughts. That s just twin telepathy, though nothing too weird, right? But when Bastian finds he can do even stranger things, he starts to wonder if maybe he really is different from the other kids at school

LOLA GIL wants life to go back to normal, to a time before big glowboard races and government investigations. But the more the Sardines discover about themselves like how they can share thoughts and move objects with their minds the more Lola begins to fear there was never anything normal about her. In fact, she and the Sardines might be dangerous

When the Sardines receive an ominous, otherworldly message, they must decide if they ll use their newfound powers to stop an impending disaster one that could have more to do with the war, their bullies, and glowboarding than they can possibly imagine.

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