Craft Consciousness and Artistic Practice in Creative Writing

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As a mode of consciousness, craft does not follow the tropes of technique; and instead writers, as with all artists, explore material, formal, and aesthetic conditions through the development of an individual project and their evolution as artists over time. This book examines the theories and histories that define craft as a collaborative, anti-capitalistic, process-based philosophy that intervenes in traditions that exclude some writers from making art. Drawing from 25 interviews across the disciplines, Craft Consciousness and Artistic Practice in Creative Writing examines how artists traverse material, disciplinary, generic, and sociocultural factors that define them and their practice. It also argues that creative writers are artists who use craft consciousness as an exploratory, invention method that defies definitions of genre, discipline, or form. Craft consciousness revolutionizes the way we conceptualize and liberate the practicing artist who teaches and designs graduate programs for creative writers.

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