Conan Chronicles Epic Collection: Horrors Beneath The Stones

Roy ThomasSKU: 9781302923273

Sale price$100.00


Legendary Conan scribe Roy Thomas returns to Cimmeria! When the beautiful Olivia appears aboard a captured ship, telling tales of prophetic dreams and great fortunes, Conan is set on a new path the Road of Kings! It's a route that is full of terrors and that may lead him straight to the executioner's ax! Conan must brave zombie Hyborians, dragons and assassins - as well as the underground catacombs beneath Aquilonia, where lurk creatures more hideous and deadly than anything he's ever encountered on the surface! The Road of Kings is no place for weaklings! Plus, an action-packed adaptation of the classic Robert E. Howard tale Queen of the Black Coast, in which Conan takes to the high seas with the pirate queen Belit! Collecting: Vol. 5: Conan: Road of Kings (2010) 1-12, Conan The Barbarian (2012) 1-6

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