Between: A guide for parents of eight to thirteen-year-olds

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BETWEEN is a modern guide for parents of 8-13 year-olds - also known as 'tweenagers'. Parenting expert and mother of four Sarah Ockwell-Smith will consider all the issues faced by parents and tweens today, with a focus on the biology, neurology, psychology and sociology of adolescence as well as plenty of practical parenting advice for common everyday situations.

The book will cover:

* How a child's brain and body develops in this age range and how this impacts their behaviour

*How your relationship with your child changes as they grow up - your new place as a parent

* Revisiting your own tween and teen years - why it's important to remove triggers and unhelpful inherited beliefs from your own upbringing

*Coping with common tween behaviour: disrespect, rudeness, backchat, swearing, sulks, defiance, laziness, anger and violence

* Speaking to your child about sex and relationships (including LGBTQ+ issues and body autonomy)

* Speaking to your child about racism, sexism and homophobia/transphobia

* Speaking to your child about diet, body care and body positivity

* Screen time and social media usage - how their online life impacts children today

* Sleep - how much tweens need, why most don't get enough and how to get them to have more

* Issues at school - including motivation, revision, homework, coping with workload, school related anxiety

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