Bad Kitty Gets a Bath

Nick BruelSKU: 9781250765338

Sale price$32.99


Everything you love about the New York Times bestselling Bad Kitty series-from Kitty's first encounter with Baby to that time she ran for president and beyond-is back again and this time in FULL COLOR! These bright, attractive re-issues bring Kitty and her antics front and center and fully colorized all at the exact same price point as the originals. In Bad Kitty Gets A Bath, a hysterical how-to for young readers, Bad Kitty really needs a bath and is forced to take one. The following are some items you will need for Kitty's bath: one bathtub, plenty of water, dry towels, a suit of armor, clean underwear (because stressful situations can cause "accidents"), an ambulance in your driveway with the engine running, and, oh, yeah, you'll also need Kitty . . . but good luck with that!

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