Articles of Association for Charities and Not for Profit Organisations: Guidance and Precedents

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Articles of Association for Charities and Not for Profit Organisations: Guidance and Precedents contains guidance and full precedents to help charity trustees, members of incorporated companies by guarantee, professional charity advisers and solicitors to form constitutional documents that meet the Charity Commission's requirements. It will also assist, not for profit organisations, right to manage companies, community interest companies and employed owned limit companies to implement internal regulations for the guidance of decision making at board level. Written for a tightly defined market and practical in approach, this text provides analysis of the prescribed or specified articles of association for a: * Private company limited by guarantee, incorporated under the Company Act 2006. * Charitable company regulated by the Charity Commission in England & Wales (GD1) * Right to manage company * Community Interest Company * Employee owned limited company The text is fully researched, with footnotes to the appropriate legislation, this new title includes: * Analysis of the new model articles for a company limited by guarantee , prescribed by the Company Act 2006 * Evaluation of the, regulatory prescribed model articles of association , for charities based in England or Wales (GD1) * Discuses the prescribed articles of association for right to manage companies * Analysis and discussion of the prescribed articles of association for a community interest company, with practical guidance on the asset lock provisions. * Evaluation and commentary on the employee trust and the employee company articles of association. * All precedents available as electronic downloads: Not for profit company Charitable Company Association - Non Charitable statue Museum - Charitable Statues This essential text will appeal to legal professionals and accountants who provide advice on charity law or charity formation, trustees of sports clubs, housing associations and museums, financial advisers and investment professionals who focus on advising charitable and Not for Profit organisations.

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