Are You Coming?

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It's time to address the 'orgasm gap': Studies show that only 65% of straight women reach climax during sex,

compared to 95% of men. Regardless of orientation, the unfortunate truth is that, for those of us with vaginas, climaxing is anything but guaranteed. Never fear! Are You Coming? is here to help everyone with a vagina, straight or queer, who wants to take their sex life to the next level. In just 200 pages, it packs everything there is to know about:

anatomy basics

the thirteen types of orgasm

how to talk about sex with your partner

different positions and toys to try - and more!

Plus, the text is sprinkled with 'quickie' tips, line drawings, and fun quotes from iconic celebrities and TV shows. We've been told that the art of female orgasm is elusive, but this peppy guide proves that it's easy! Or, at least, it can be. Are you coming?

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