Amazing Spider-man By J. Michael Straczynski Omnibus Vol. 2

J Michael StraczynskiSKU: 9781302923136

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J. Michael Straczynski concludes his amazing run - and everything changes for Spider-Man! First, Spidey gets some new digs - but can he stand living with the New Avengers? In the shocking storyline 'The Other,' the vicious Morlun takes Spider-Man to the brink of death- and beyond! If Peter Parker has any hope of surviving, he has two choices: evolve or die! Then, Civil War erupts - and things really get wild! Spidey in red-and-gold armor! Spidey back in black! And Spidey unmasked in front of the world! But brace yourself for the big finish- as Aunt May lies dying, what would Peter and MJ give for One More Day...?COLLECTING: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1999) 515-545; FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN (2005) 1-4, 24; MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN (2004) 19-22; SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN (2006) 41; SPIDER-MAN: THE OTHER SKETCHBOOK (2005) 1; SPIDER-MAN: ONE MORE DAY SKETCHBOOK (2007) 1

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