Selecting The Right Shredder

Protect yourself or your business against identity theft, comply with data protection or just clean up that clutter in your home or office. Before you decide which shredder best suits you we've put together some key factors you should consider.


There are 3 simple questions you should ask yourself in order to understand which shredder best meets your requirements.



  • What level of security is needed?
  • Where will the shredder be used - Home or Office?
  • Which added features will make the task easier?


1. What level of security is needed?

The security you require depends mostly on the sensitivity of the documents you intend to shred. levels of security are measured  by P, i.e. P-4 or P-8 for maximum security. The higher the P number the smaller the cut size thus the better protection for yourself or your business.

Strip cut shredders offer basic protection cutting each sheet into approximately 36 Strips while a cross cut shredder gives better protection due to a confetti style cut.


For highly confidential documents a micro cross cut shredder offers best protection cutting one piece of A4 into over 2000 small pieces. 


2. Where will the shredder be used - Home or Office?

Shredders are used in both home or office spaces offering confident document destruction to reduce risk. You need to think about the number of people who will need to use the shredder and how many documents will need to shred at once.

For offices with multiple users per day selecting a shredder that requires little or no cool down would suit, along with an auto feeder so efficiency of the office place remains high.

There is a variety of both cross cut and strip cut shredders for every day requirements and for home use, a basic strip cut shredder that is used less frequent can get the job done.


3. Which added features will make the task easier?

After deciding on the core features of the shredder you can now move onto some added features to make your life both easier and safer.

Innovative features like Fellowes Jam Proof Technology or Energy Save Mode will assist you in ensuring Shredding doesnt become a chore.


Paper Jam Features

The Fellowes 100% Jam Proof Technology is an advanced unique feature that not only eliminates paper jams, but also powers through tough jobs. 

Safety Features

Fellowes shredders offer safety features that provide varying levels of protection, from the basic Safety-Lock to more advanced safety such as Fellowes SafeSense technology, which automatically stops the shredder when hands touch the paper opening.

Other Feautures

When it comes to shredding in shared spaces. Fellowes offers SilentShred™ technology, providing ultra-quiet shredding without noisy disruptions. Auto oil is available on some heavy duty machines to assist with longevity of the machine.


Fellowes Shredders


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