Colour Mixing Guide

Paint Mixing


Mixing paint is an essential skill when it comes to advancing your painting so we've got a free download for you to find the colour you need and get mixing.


Primary Colours

Primary colours cannot be made by mixing other colours so the paint colours red, yellow and blue are a must have in your painting kit.

Primary colour example


Secondary Colours

Secondary colours are made by mixing two primary colours. For example, mixing red with yellow gives you orange while mixing yellow with blue gives you green.

secondary colours example

Tertiary Colours

Tertiary colours are made by mixing one primary (red, yellow or blue) with an adjacent secondary colour. For example, mixing yellow with green will give you a light green, or also known as yellow green.

tertiary colours example


Tinting & Shading

Tinting or shading a colour can be quite simple and it is always advised to start of slow. For example, adding a small amount of white paint to red paint will give you a slightly lighter tint of red. Add too much and you will get pink.

To add shade you use black paint, for example adding black paint to red will give you a dark red. Add to much and you will get burgundy.

shading and tinting example


Download Colour Mixing Chart


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